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Equipo de Rayos X Digital con brazo en UC (500mA) YSDR-UC50

El sistema de radiografía digital, es un sistema asequible, diseñado para cualquier circunstancia radiológica, con detector CCD que comparado con detectores CCD ordinarios, obtiene mayor sensibilidad y una calidad de imagen superior.
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Equipo de Rayos X Digital con brazo en UC (500mA)


Sistema de Radiografía Digital UC-brazo YSDR-UC50

YSDR-UC50 Features:
Our digital radiography system is an affordable DR solution designed for all radiography environments.This DR system CCD detector compares with ordinary CCD detector has a higher sensitivity and more superior image quality, compares the flat detector has the longer service life and a higher reliability, higher spatial resolution and extremely low use-cost.

The high voltage generate equipment:
Uses the import generator which has 32KW and 50kw is potential high voltage, Its output electric power is extremely stable, guaranteed the image clear and trenchancy, it also has malfunction automatic detection software, built-in 99 kinds of exposures patterns, so the operation is convenience and the performance is stable.

X-ray tube:
Use the import high speed revolve bifocus X-ray tube, in the real-time the high voltage generator can examination the X-ray tube‘s running status and achieves the best movement guarantees the image output the low noise.

Imaging detector specifications:
1. Detector Array: Full field, single VHD CCD
2. Active Image Size: 35 cm x 43 cm (14” x 17”)
3. Pixels: 4,096 x 4,096 (16 Megapixel) 3,056 x 3,056 (16 Megapixel)
4. Pixel Size (element pitch): 108 microns
5. Spatial Frequency (Nyquist): 4.6 lp/mm 3.4lp/mm
6. Bit Depth: 16bit capture
7. Fill Factor: 100%
8. AEC:3 field
9. Preview Image: Less than 6 seconds
10. Processed Image Display Approximately 10 seconds
11. Acquisition Cycle Time: Immediately upon display of previous image

YSDR-UC50 Appellation

Appellation   specification and explanation quantity   
500mA high-frequency X-ray 50kw high frequency generator 1  
Toshiba tube  
360expansion U style of arm and flat bed  
gridratio:1:8 180line/inch 1.8m/1.0m  
Manual Collimator  
console The programmable exposure technology contains 99 kind of procedures  
image detector 1680A/ 980A  1  
Vertical Stand Dedicated power 12V Vertical Stand Dedicated  1  
USB Data transmission line  12.8 meters high-speed USB Data transmission line 1  
Image acquisition workstation (lowest configuration:) 3.0GCPU, 17 inch high resolution LCD, 1G memory, 80G hard disk, 100M net card, DVD-R/RW 1  
Image acquisition software  Patient registration image acquisition cutting negative image turning over revolving contraction and release tagging translation demonstration image window width and position adjustment dicom image transmission dicom film printing work list function statistical inquiry image dedicated processing technology 1  
Image processing technology for special-purpose Dynamic range optimization technology automatically carries on the compression on the primitive image dynamic curve, achieving image characteristic that doctor is familiar with, being convenient to diagnosis. 1  
High-frequency image enhancement technology strengthen image contrast , enhance detail resolution, remarkably enhance high-frequency image quality of the bone trabecula, demonstrating more perfect.  
Noise abatement technology: automatically filtrate mixed frequency signal data, obviously reduces the image noise, Enhance image signal noise ratio, improved the image quality.  
Edge enhancement technology: automatically diagnostic and analytic image data, enhance image edge sharpness to make the image clearly  
Digital image workstation software  DICOM receiving, transmission, inquiry, storage, film printing, report printing 1  
ZK-PACS/RIS and IBM server including the whole function of PACS/RIS Option  
Dry type camera Kodak Sony FUJI Option  
Maintenance  free maintenance for one year  
UC-arm Digital Radiography System YSDR-UC50

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