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Monitor Materno Fetal Portátil con LCD TFT 10.4" YSFM100

Pantalla Plegable de alto brillo LCD TFT de 10.4" Monitorización Fetal y Materna. Monitoreo Anteparto,Intraparto
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Monitor Materno Fetal Portátil con LCD TFT 10.4"  YSFM100

Portable Monitor Fetal Portátil con LCD TFT 10.4"  YSFM100 precio venta compra oferta calidad económico costo coste clinica quirófano ambulancia urgencias operación barato médico electrocardiograma intraparto anteparto postparto

YSFM100 Products:

High-tech fetal& maternal monitor,it offers a

reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in the clinic

and hospital, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk


YSFM100 Features:

♦ Folded 10.4 inches TFT LCD high-brightness screen

♦ 12-crystal waterproof pulse Doppler transducer (optional), providing wider beam area and more homogeneous signal, thus realizing better performance for beside monitors than conventional transducers.

♦ Event Marker makes it easy to annotate perceived fetal movements (FM),

or other events on the strip chart.

♦ Fetal Movement Profile(FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements.

♦ Heart rate offset mode makes it easy to visually distinguish between the heart rates of twins by allowing you to offset the secondary FHR + 30BPM.

♦ Heartbeat Coincidence recognition provides visual and audible indication when it detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart-rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring a duplicate signal.

♦ Fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is outside of the user-defined high/low range.

♦ Easy-to-load Z-fold paper stacks itself neatly upon exiting the recorder, facilitating easy storage.

♦ Internal Li-on battery power or AC power from external power supply.

♦ Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station

♦ NST Report (Fetus health report)

Fetal Acoustic Stimulator(FASt):

The optional Fetal Acoustic Stimulator uses low frequency vibro-acoustic stimuli(VAS) to “wake” the fetus, increasing the efficiency of antepartum testing and improving retest consistency. VAS indicated with a musical note on the strip

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