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Máquina portátil de anestesia veterinaria YSAV600PV

La máquina portátil de la anestesia veterinaria es muy fácil de llevar y conveniente para la cirugía de los animales.
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Máquina portátil de anestesia veterinaria YSAV600PV

Standard Configuration
• CE approved portable anesthesia machine
• Compact light-weight and portable, could be transported by pull-rod case, put on table and assembly on the trolley.
• Suitable for small animals, Jackson or Bains Absorber is available
• Specifically designed to accomodate low flow
• Selectatec-bar and quick change vaporizer mounting device
• Professional airtight breathing circuit design, provide the stable gas anesthesia, save anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a clean operating room and laboratory environment.
• External and reusable soda lime canister, easily watch and replace soda lime.
• With Oxygen flush function to ensure that clinical anesthesia demand and Oxgyen supply demand.
• With APL pressure reducing valve to prevent pressure to hurt the animal, ensure the animal safety .
• Wastewater discharge system
• Visible inspiration and expiration valve
• Could upgrade to Oxygen&N2O or Oxygen&Air flow meter freely
• Module rack with polyester medical material with superior spray technology, high strength and light weight.
• With transport case, convenient to take and transport
• Easy to disassemble and assemble all the components, convenient for clean and maintenance.

Application: 0.5~100Gkg animal
Ventilation mode: Closed, half-closed, half-open
Tidal volume ( Manual Mode): 10~2000ml
Gas pressure: 0.25~0.65Mpa
Flow meter: Oxygen two tube: one tube: 0.1~1, one tube: 1~10L/M
APL valve: 0.5~6.0Kpa
OXYGEN Flush: 25~75L/min
I:E: As the doctor operation
BPM: As the doctor operation
Monitoring: Airway pressure, respiratory mode.
Three gauges: One for Oxygen source pressure
                        One for oxygen working pressure
                        One for airway pressure

1. With the latest innovative design of delivery system, vaporizers deliver accurate concentration under varying conditions of variable flow rate, pressure, temperature and so on.
2. Stably deliver agent, automatic temperature-compensating, deliver accurate agent
3. Sophisticated delivery system,Stable, prompt, accurate
4. Various kinds of mounting types.
5. Safety lock device to prevent the anesthetic gas volatile accidentally.
6. The big view window is convenient to observe drug usage levels.

Concentration range:
Enflurane 0.2 to 5%         
Isoflurane 0.2 to 5%
Halothane 0.2 to 5%
Sevoflurane 0.2 to 8%
Flow range:0.2 to 15L/min
0.2 to 10L/min(normal usage)for concentrations>5 vol%
Filling volume for agent:
About 340ml with dry wick
About 300 ml with moist wick
Mounting type:
selectatec compatible
draeger plug in
cagemount(ISO 23mm tapers)
cagemount with interlock
Net Weight: 26kg
Gross Weight: 30kg
Size:86 *51 * 38CM

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