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YSRFS-100A Spine RF Plasma Surgical System

Model: YSRFS-100A Spine
  • ModelYSRFS-100A Spine
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Categories:Electrosurgical Unit
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    YSENMED YSRFS-100A Low Temperature RF Plasma Ablation Device Orthopedic Spine Radio Frequency Plasma Surgical System




    To address the need for an alternative to major surgery, we offer the Low Temperature Plasma Ablation System using low thermal plasma-mediated ablation technology to precisely cope with lesions of soft-tissue types via molecular disintegration. Such surgery system consists of a Controller which generates the ablation energy, Plasma Wand(s) and Patient Cable for single use, Foot Control, and a Flow Control Valve Unit. The Controller is designed to deliver ablation energy to the active electrode(s) at the distal end of the Plasma Wand. It works either at a lower voltage, creating a non-plasma-forming working condition, causing tissue shrinkage, or at a higher voltage plasma-forming condition that can cut tissue rapidly with minimal collateral tissue damage. The Controller functions under a radio frequency excitation frequency of 100 kHz. The Plasma Wand is a bipolar surgical device. It is disposable and available in different configurations consisting of multiple electrodes.



    Functional Features:


     Universal utilities in ENT, Spinal and Arthroscopic surgeries


     Performing gentle, precise soft tissue removal at low temperatures (between 40° and 70°C) in the well defined area


     Multiple functions: ablation(low temperature plasma excision), cutting, coagulation and hemostasis


     Bipolar energy delivery provides enhanced control and precision, eliminating the need for patient return pad


     Multi-electrode technology


     Low operating frequency- 100kHz


     A wide selection of Plasma Wands: available in different sizes and configurations to meet different anatomical needs of specific surgical procedures


     Versatile Wand combining integrated ablation, suction, saline irrigation, and hemostasis capabilities allows for efficient procedure


     All-screen LCD display demonstrates operating modes, Controller set points and error messages


     Flow control valve unit ensures procedural convenience


     Foot Control maximizes user efficiency and OR flexibility


     Unique square waveform delivers ablation energy more rapidly


     Easy set-up procedure guarantees OR efficiency


     PFC circuit helps reduce environmental risks

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